Organic Frozen Yogurt For Dogs

Huddles also proudly serves Yöghund, the nutritional, digestive friendly and fun-to-lick premium frozen yogurt treat for your pup!


    Yöghund yogurt is produced through fermentation of our organic low fat milk with live bacterial cultures. These good bacteria help break down the lactose in the milk thus producing a thickened yogurt consistency without the digestive issues of lactose. They also aid the digestive and immune systems, as well as nutrient absorption for a healthier, happier dog.


    Yöghund’s ingredients are certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture. Not only does this ensure high quality ingredients, free from chemical, antibiotic and hormone additives, but also promotes sustainable and chemical and pesticide-free farming practices.


    Our boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and are processed chlorine-free. In the event that your dog accidentally ingests the cup during a feeding frenzy, we’ve proactively used paper cups for added safety.

Learn more at Yöghund.com.